Tree falls in Shaw - Does anyone Hear?

A fairly large tree crashed to the ground in my neighborhood of Shaw yesterday around 12:30pm. Located in the front yard of my neighbors we are all extremely lucky on two accounts. One the tree fell into the street not into anyones house, and two that there were no cars parked there. Normally there are a ton of taxi cabs parked during the day, as the lawyer who lives up the street has a thriving business catering to them. I wonder if this tree going down has anything to do with the huge metal plate in the sidewalk. This plate has been here as long as we have been in the neighborhood. According the representatives of various DC agencies that have come and investigated metal plates aren't even supposed to be in the sidewalk. I can't tell. The plate is very hazardous when there it is wet and even worse in the wintertime.

The tree was definintly rotten on the side facing the street, so something wasnt right.

The fire department came out with a quickness as it was blocking two lanes of the street. I guess DPW came and finished off the rest as it was clear when I got back a couple of hours later. The question remains will anyone do anything about the metal plate in the sidewalk??


Darlene said...

Well said.

Anonymous said...

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