What I am reading aka Bedside Book Pile

The following is a list of recent books I have been reading. I took some time off writing to catch up on my reading :) I will be back on the blog with a big trip to Australia planned for August.

No Shortcuts to the Top Ed Viesturs - one of the first Americans to climb the 14 tallest mountains in the world. A great entrepreneur story as well.

Under the Banner of Heaven John Krakauer
- a disturbing story about some Mormon Fundamentalists. Its a report and some commentary on a true crime that happened in Utah.

The Journey Home Edward Abbey A great Collection of short stories he says it best in the subtitle "Some words in Defense of the American West."

The Best American Crime Writing 2005 with a essay by James EllroyA decent book of modern type crime short stories.

To Kill a Mocking Bird by Harper Lee. What can I say this is a Pulitzer Prize winning classic. An incredible view of what things were like almost 80 years ago in Alabama.

Levels of the Game John McPhee - A great short book about Arthur Ashe and Clark Graebner two tennis greats. A great simultaneous telling of a single match and their entire history.

Eastward to Tartary by Robert Kaplan - a superb travel book detailing his travels through the Balkans, the Middle East and the Caucasus. Kaplan has several great travel books, with a nice historical background as well as his experiences. It interesting to note changes from this book, published in 2001, and current events.

I Hope they Serve Beer in Hell Tucker Max - I found this guy on the internet years ago. He was transitioning his online forum/storyboard filled with his collection of blacked out drunken exploits, into a novel which according to the cover is a NY Times bestseller. He is very proud of this and it is impressive from a straight enteprenurial standpoint. He is one of the first "bloggers" to get a book deal out of writing. His stories are X rated booze sodden ego trips, but can be very entertaining.

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