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South Africa and Australia Pictures

Just got some sick panoramics from Adam...
The first picture is from Capetown, South Africa. You can read about our adventures in Capetown and South Africa here. This picture has the huge clouds over the Table Mountain National Park; the proverbial "table cloth".

This next picture is Bondi Beach Australia, one of the premier surf spots in the world.
Check out the all the Australia stories here.
All these we shot with point and shoot cameras then edited together. The Table mountain shot I think is actually 6 total pictures.


South Africa Pictures

Ok so I have finally gotten through sorting the 610 pictures that Adam sent me from South Africa. Some have already been added to certain posts but this will be a mostly picture thread, in chronological order. There were a lot of landscape shots, but I am posting the best of those. I am also still waiting on Vinnies pictures I dont know what is taking him so long.

Here is the field, a classic Millenium bunker set with the href="">Malaga layout. The only difference is that we had a dorito in the other corner.

A couple pictures of the "hotel" we stayed at for the tournament. Easily the nicest place i have ever stayed at for a paintball event. It was the first time i have seen a thatch roof, it was super nice to hear the rain on it the night we had a huge thunderstorm. We were all secretly wondering if it would leak, but it was tight as a drum.

Some more pictures from the lion park. The only thing stopping that lion from eating JP was the window of our car. Well that and us driving away, but regardless the beast was large and close.

The following are pictures from the Pilanesberg game reserve.Read about our 12 hours in the Game Park here

This is the map of the whole reserve. We drove around in here for 12 hours and still only got to about 1/2 the area on the map.

Some pictures of Tom Cole stalking a wildebeest. He is always trying to push the limits to get a better shot.

A picture of the rare West Virginian leg slug.

Warthogs eating and playing. You really had to be alert to spot a lot of these animals. People would blow right by us as we were watching all kinds of stuff. Not many people saw the giraffe, but the baboons were everywhere by this one dam.

Me with some badass wood carvings at the lunch spot.

We could stop at certain points to get out and stretch and take in the view. It was some beautiful country. Apparently it was the wettest it had been in a long time, as the lakes and rivers were very full, and the country was very lush and green.

We saw some cool animals but not as cool a scene as this one tourist got to see at Kruger National Park.

Here is our Route from Rustenberg to Cape Town. Read about it here : Road Trip

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So the next group of pictures is from hiking up Table Mountain and some spectacular views from the top. Read all about it here : First Day in Cape Town

Adam pointing at the Cape of Good Hope

This is the main downtown area of Cape Town. You can see the tall skyscrapers as well as the V & A Port in the background. Looking back it is really hard for all these pictures to do justice to the spectacular natural views.

Cape of Good Hope and Coastal Drive.
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There were Hells Angels all over Cape Town I guess there was a rally. This guy brought his date with him.

Behind me nothing but ocean and Antartica

A couple of lizards we found while hiking around
The historical coastal town of Simontown.

Random Pics

A couple pictures of the hostel we stayed at House on the Hill.

A picture of a shanty house. It was very eye opening to see so many people living a hand to mouth existence, walking everywhere.

That is the cream of the pictures I got from Adam. I am bugging Tom Cole and Vinnie for their pictures, so when I get more I will post them up.


First Day in Cape Town

Today dawned with bright blue skies, cotton ball clouds and perfect temperatures around 70. We walked 10 minutes to the Victoria and Albert (V of A) waterfront which is a massive complex of an actual working port, restaurants, shopping, and residential. Had some delicious English breakfast of classic eggs, meat, beans and tomatoes, all the while overlooking the port. We did some light shopping and headed to the downtown area to check out the famous Long st and Loop st. We found some great old school downtown buildings on lively one way streets. We browsed through some shops and markets and I checked out an internet cafe ( finally!). After pulling Vinnie and Adam away from the bar we decided it was time to conquer Table Mountain. But who wants to ride up a cable car?? Anyone can do that. We decided to hike up the 1050 meters ( 3360ft) through a gorge called Platteklip Gorge. After a 70 minute vertical scramble that almost killed Vinnie, we got to the top and were awarded some of the best views I have ever seen. We spent about 1 hour on top then headed back to our gorge and scrambled back down the mountain. Got to our place hit the showers and headed out to Clifton Bay for some seafood. We had a superb meal of Springbok Carpaccio, Calamari, and a seafood platter of prawns, fish skewers, mussels and assorted other goodies. Had a couple beers and headed back with one of the greatest days of our lives under our belts.

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