Bad Company wins SPPL

Just got the call the boys smashed their way to the podium again with a victory in the SPPL. With 2 2nds and now a 1st BC Army has been representing the new Kingman MR Scenario line nicely. MRs mixed in with some of the new Electras hacked through the bushes of Tennessee to claim the 1st place finish. Congrats due to the Bad Company Army. Hopefully I can get some pictures up asap. That is a win in 3 different formats (5man, 7man, and 10man) for Company this year.


Things to watch or read and think about

First off I know I owe the final Australia chapter, I have the pictures. In the mean time here are some things to read and watch which I found super interesting. This first link is a website I found on some endless browsing through the Internet. A kind of new urbanism website; he explores what makes public places successful with very thoughtful analysis. This specific article is about trying to crowdsource a green condo building. Read about it here . CoolTown Studios

This video is will expand your ideas about what is possible. Sent to me by a friend this whole website is called TED; ideas worth spreading. The following video is mindboggling in the possibilities; basically the sum of all knowledge will be on a massive visual database. Do yourself a favor, watch this video