Bad Company Jacksonville NPPL Day 1

Today dawned cool and cloudy, as we rolled out of bed at 5:45 to get ready for our 8am first game. After our 1/2hr commute to the field, we geared up and prepared to face our first opponent of the day, Icemen. On the NPPL field, we got up early on them shooting our boy JP running for the snake, and holding numbers on them. A bunkerfest ensued, and after the dust cleared Coleman and Andrae and I were the only ones left alive. A crazy game with at one point someone in our side of the snake. Next up on the JT field was Arsenal Evolution, HB champions. In a fast paced game we all made our primaries, but aggressive snake play for Arsenal by Kevin Rudolph and John Mchee pretty much crushed us. Those 2 shot our whole right side in very rapidly and we couldnt respond fast enough. 1-1. 3rd game was LA Faction back on the NPPL field. We started out poorly again, losing people on the break and getting a 1 for 1. Down 5 on 3, Adam Johnson showed why he is an Allstar and did a run thru getting 2. Now down 3 on 2 but with position in the snake and carwash, Adam Smith and Arturo handled business, bunkering out the Faction snake player then closing out the 2 on 2. 2 wins 1 loss, next on the schedule, X-factor on the JT field. Another bad start as we took ground, but lost players, 1 on leaving early, and another 2 on a 1 for 1. We shot their two corner guys on the break as well, making it a 5 on 4 but we were out of position and they marched down the snake on us closing us out. A decent showing but we need to step it up tommorow to make Sunday. Luckily we got done early as the rains have moved in giving the venue a nice soaking.

As far as that goes it is a top notch setup. Jacksonville stadium is a very nice stadium area and the NPPL has done a nice job of keeping things close together. There is a large vendors area with paved walkways, real bathrooms, and the fields very close by with tons of bleachers. Add some food vendors and you are ready to go. I am hanging in the Kingman booth, and it looks like the rain has stopped. We will watch some games and then go home shower up and get ready to do it all again tomorow. Good or bad I will post what happens so stay tuned.

Oh also you can check out the live NPPL webcast here.

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