Save a Goat?? Why not....

Here is an interesting site. Some friends of my girlfriend Katie have gotten "involved" with a pair of goats named Carne and Leche. What started out as a short term fling has blossomed into something more and now the gents want to hold on to the lil guys. There is only one thing standing between them, and thats called Arlington County Zoning. Their deadline to get rid of them is rapidly looming and they need signatures on their petition. They have assembled a hilarious yet comprehensive goat saving site complete with webcam. Check it out here : Saveourgoats.com .

Seattle has approved a similiar petition for just a single goat. Carne and Leche need homes. Please sign now and if you are a lawyer please help them. We all thank you in advance.

I realize this has nothing to do with paintball, Bad Company or me but I thought their site was impressive and its my blog. Plus why not fight against the man???

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