Old Skool Bad Company Pictures

Just got a ton of super old Bad Company pictures from the late 80's early 90's, when Tom Cole was just a kid. Thats him front and center kneeling down. Note the red barrel a Bad Company signature until about 1998. They are shooting Bushmaster pump guns.

Here is a 5 man shot, followed by a couple of podium appearances.

This one is from the 91 California Magnum Amateur Open. Note Debra Dion in the background.

An old Bad Company banner. Back in the day all teams had some sort of banner to promote their sponsors and the team

Some more banner pictures from the early 90's 10 man days.

This next picture is very interesting. This is a picture of Tommy in England in 1996 I think, when he went and played with Aftershock. The regular common players were never allowed to "guest" for other teams, but somehow it was ok for TC to go. You can see Renick Miller on the left, Spud, Ritchie Malisweski, Todd Adamson, some loggers, Heavy D, and Danny Love kneeling.

And a picture from when Bad Company went to England for the Campaign Cup, I think circa 2002.

A picture of the old school Bad Company with their team truck

And a more recent picture; this was from when we went to go teach a clinic in Myrtle Beach, SC

Thats all I have for now. There is one picture I really wish I had digitally and that is the NPPL Pittsburgh 1995 victory shot. I have looked all over in both mine and Tom Coles archives and have not been able to find anything.
This is just a precursor to a lot of the Bad Company content I am going to be writing. I have tons more pictures I am working on digitizing as well as lots of interviews and stories from old skool BC players. Yes even older school than me :)

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