Bad Company Jacksonville NPPL Day 2

2 points. 2 points in a paintball game can be scored in a number of ways. Staying alive all the way through a game will earn you 1 point. Shooting an enemy player will get you a whole 3 points. Going into the today we knew we need to win at least two games to get us in. Starting off on the NPPL field we started strong against TCP Machine, getting up on them 6 on 4. Then fast cascade of bad decisions, 1 for 1's, and a bad call we ended up giving them the game and only shooting one more. Picking up our heads we rapidly loaded up and headed to the JT field to take on Entourage. In a tense, hard fought game where we had position at the spike and in the snake we somehow managed to once again pull defeat from the jaws of victory. Another 1 for 1 pretty much sealed the deal and now we were down 2-4. Ride or die time; now we had to max out. Denver Altitude felt the fury as we shot 3 off the break and started marching down the field. In an error filled closing that included us shooting two of our own players, we finished with 3 alive. Final game Avalanche on the JT field. A slower paced game that went pretty much body for body the whole way it was pretty much ended when Adam Smith snapped out the Avalanche carwash player. He and I then closed out the 2 on 1. All we could do was bite our nails, and try to figure out what the cut was. When we finally went up to the NPPL scoreboard, the bad news was staring us right there in the face. Phoenix United in 8th with 428, and Bad Company with 427. 2 points sent us packing. Every mistake we had all made came cascading through our minds as we hung our heads and headed for the cars. Never before have we been so close to making it, and this one hurt. We had not managed to come together and make enough plays and we were at the bottom of all the teams that went 4 and 4. I am sorry for all our fans that we let down.

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