More South Africa Pictures courtesy of JP Agustin

Just got a batch of fresh new pics from my man JP. He has been in Moscow practicing with the Legion. I am going to meet up with him in Jacksonville and get some stories to share. This is a couple of great shots from the lion park. Read all about it here.

The whole crew that go to go to the park, Ashely JP, Chris, Adam, and Kevin

Here was a great picture. These 3 cubs were all playing on this downed tree.

Here are some shots of us chilling on the back porch of our place the Inkwekwezi. Read about it here. Check out my face in this picture.

Also check out the sky in this picture. JP had just gotten this camera from our boy Bart Blonski, but I am very impressed with the shots I have seen.

I have a bunch more posts coming. I havent decided exactly what volume I will be posting so things might be sporadic but I am writing every day, we will see how much goes into the blog. I am working on the blog every day trying to fix some problems; lots of layout issues, adding links, and tightening up the posts, labels etc. Just to redefine where this thing is going right now; I will be writing about my paintball team Bad Company and its history as well as current travels/events/results; I will be putting up some posts about my house and my hood; and finally some social commentary. We will see where this all goes. Any requests please let me know and keep checking back. Thanks

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