South Africa

A decent flight over. South African Air is pretty nice. Had plenty of on demand movies and games to pass the time. Slept quite a bit, I could stretch out because there was an empty seat next to me. I had to wait in the airport for a couple of hours after I landed because somehow I missed meeting up with our South African connection. I just caught up on my reading and waited for Adam, Kevin and JP to land. Finally met up with Dawid from Unleashed, and went our our hotel to check in.

Our hotel is super nice. Kind of a hunting lodge feel with thatch roofs and little individual huts. It is super luxurious, probably one of the nicest places I have ever stayed at during a paintball event. We went out last night after checking in to grab some dinner at a steakhouse. Had a couple of beers and talked paintball and many other topics with all new South African friends. We all were feeling pretty awake so we went to another cafe/bar, and had some more beers and a couple of shots to try and make us sleepy. After retiring to the hotel, Adam told us he had brought a bottle of wine so in another effort to get sleepy we split that as well. Despite all this JP still only slept like 3 hours and was up at like 8am local time. Jet lag is tough on a body hopefully we will all get acllimated by tournament time on Saturday. We are at the paintball store in their mall, getting ready to go to a lion park later on. I will post pictures as soon as we can transfer them.


James R said...

Glad to hear you had a good flight over...The ChronniclesofMuzz is the sh$t! Please post pictures of the luxery thatch hut and Lion park....thnx.


Carbo said...

To bad you all didnt make it further. Nice pics man. Cant wait to see more. Have fun out there