Welcome to the Chronicles of Muzz. This blog will be about the adventures of me, Chris Remuzzi, professional paintball player, with team Bad Company. It will touch on all kinds of things, from paintball, to travels (beginning in South Africa in about 15 hours), to living in our nations capitol Washington DC in the Shaw neighborhood. I have traveled extensively in my paintball career from Australia to Sweden and many places in between, but this year is shaping up to be a great one. Thanks to the generous support of our sponsor Kingman we have a paintball itinerary for the year that starts in Johannesburg and goes to Aruba, Brazil, Australia, and Prague. I will post commentary, food reviews, paintball results and anything else cool from these places as well as pictures and videos. Tom Cole, captain of BC, will be shooting a lot of the pictures for this blog so we will have plenty of authentic pictures for everyone to enjoy. Please use the comments section to ask questions or if you would like more details about something.

A little bit about the tournament. We are playing 7 man in the South African Paintball League and the venue is at some festival/tradeshow that looks really awesome. It even has a monorail! The next post will be from Johannesburg, South Africa. Hopefully South African Air will be an empty flight, or at least no screaming babies..


Carbo said...

Damn coach, how about we come along so we can learn better!! I am definitely going to Aruba for sure. Good luck out there in South Africa.


Arvin said...

If Al pays for me I'll go to Aruba too. When is that trip? Let us know!

Brent said...

I think this should be a team trip/learning experience.