Road Trip to Cape Town

So we were up at 6:30 am, but still managed to miss Tom Cole who had already balled out for Botswana. We headed south on the R30 against the advice of our hotel clerk. It was a winding 2 lane road and we had no problem until we hit the final town where it ran into the highway the N12. Well apparently in this town they had not caught up with changing the signs as the N12 was formerly called the R29. After some confusion we sorted it out and headed south again. It was very desolate country with the occasional high hill (called kloofs) jutting up out of the flat plains. The occasional giraffe, ostrich, tssebe and impala sighting helped Adam pass driving the first 1000km, a 10 hr shift behind the wheel. The road also had the occasional construction site as well as passing the huge South African double tractor trailers. We saw an accident as well where a huge truck had gone off the road into the ditch. A lot of the the nicer trucking companies had on the back of their trailers signs that read "No yellow line passing", meaning they would not ride on the shoulder to let you pass them. The drivers were very nice though using their signals to let you know if it was clear and flashing their lights. I took over for the final push into Cape Town, right as the sun was setting and the rain was starting. A slightly hairy drive through the mountains similiar to I15 through Utah, was marked only by a major accident. Some cargo had fallen off one of the trucks into the road and a little car towing a trailer swerved into the ditch. Made it to our hostel after 15hrs of driving a 1465km (910miles), a respectable 60 miles per hour. Called House on a Hill, our place is great. We have a single room with 2 singles and a bunk bed, and its own shower etc. We put the orphan child aka Vinnie on the bunkbeds. Ate some great Vietnamese stir fry at a place right down the street, drank a couple beers and crashed.

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