Cape of Good Hope

We woke today again to the sounds of the French guitar player that shares the courtyard in our hostel. Apparently he practices his scales starting around 7, then starts in with chords around 8, then full songs around 9. This has the effect of getting us up early, but we arent happy about it. We checked in with our guy at House on the Hill to setup some cage diving with great white sharks. Basically its $140, and the boat leaves from a little town called Gansbaai (pronouced Hansbai)at 8 am. Its a 3 hour drive from where we are in Cape Town, but Adam and I are in for sure. We book for Saturday morning, and hop in the car to cruise along the west coast of Cape Town. Its an awesome drive, kind of comparable to California coastline. We drive through the very Gucci towns of Clifton and Camps Bay, which were even nicer in the daytime then they were last night. We head for the Cape of Good Hope, that infamous point that has been the bane of many an ancient mariner. Apparently over 400 shipwrecks litter the ocean floor around here. I would love to come back sometime and do some Scuba diving. After making another contribution to the South African National parks we enter the Cape of Good Hope Nature reserve. Driving past signs that implore us not to feed the baboons, we spot packs of them as well as some turtles and ostriches. Parking at the Cape, next to some tour busses we run towards the water. Our feet freezing we look out towards Antartica, and try to ignore the hordes our tourists behind us. Seeking some solitude we hike up a bluff and get some quiet. Its the farthest south any of us have been and it is a spectacular view. Heading back up the eastern coast of False Bay, we stop in the little town of Muizenburg for some fish and chips. Apparently this town is a surfing mecca, and Adam and I decide to rent some boards and wetsuits for an hour. For this privilege we are set back 50 rand each, some $6. Lunch = $3.50, Surfboard and Westsuit= $6, Spectacular Views of Cape of Good Hope and great Waves = Priceless. I love South Africa. It was Adams first time and my 2nd time surfing but we still managed to get up for a couple of good rides. We returned to shore to find Vinnie about 4/5 drinks deep, and headed back to get showered up, and grab some dinner. All the sea views had left us with a hankering for sushi so we walked down the street from House on the Hill (hereby referred to as HOH) for a killer sushi dinner. 3 guys crushing a ton of sushi and some beers and it was still only $60. We decided to head down to Long Street, which is Cape Towns nightlife district. We found this awesome place called Mama Africa. They had a 6 piece band called Abakhava, with a drummer, 3 xylophonists, horn and lead singer/dancer. The most interesting part was they had no amplification at all and they still sounded spectacular. The lead singer had the most amazing voice and all he would do was hold one of his ears closed to "turn up his monitors". This Is Africa (TIA).

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