Rand Show and Sunday night

So after we didnt make the cut :( we had some time to walk around the Rand Show. Basically this is a huge tradeshow/carnival/global bazaar. You can buy everything from African art to camel rides, Pakistani housewares to info on joining the South African Police force. There was also all kinds of delicious foods, I had some great Chicken biryani, with fresh hot buttered naan bread. Another huge rainstorm broke out while we were walking the show so we ducked into a beer tent for a little bit to wait it out. We also checked out some really cool pop-up campers. Apparently this is a big thing in South Africa to tow your popup and go camping. These things would unfold into multilevel tents with stoves, light panels, all kinds of hight tech stuff.

Sunday Night
So Sunday night we went to this awesome restaurant called Carnivores. Basically it is setup like an all you can eat Brazilian steakhouse type restaurant. You walk over water on a bridge into this huge hall with exposed beams, and tons of tables. This restaurant is known for its charcoal-grilled delicacies that are roasted on converted Masai tribal spears in a large open fire. We ate crocodile, hartabeest, kudu and ostrich complemented by more mainstream dishes, like lamb and chicken. It was a great experience eating all the different kinds of meats, including some made into sausages as well. Kudu and ostrich were favorites due to their extreme tenderness and good flavor. They also had 7 different kinds of sauces to put on the meats ranging from spicy cream sauce to mint sauce. Finished off with a couple different kinds of desserts and we had to loosen our belts to make it out of there...

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