I have been texting with Adam. The 5 man team is Adam Smith, Kevin Fillers, Adam Johnson, Coleman, and Cmac...They won all 6 games today with 4 more to go tomorow. Tom Cole is playing with another team, having already promised to do so before he knew Bad Company was going to be at the tournament. Toms teams is in 2nd having lost one and a half games. Adam said the weather was beautiful. They went kayaking around the island and checked some stuff out. I am working on pictures :)

Weather is kind of stormy here...if it isnt raining probably go out to Leesburg and train with my boys. I am trying to get them in shape to qualify in one of the Spyder Cup regionals. Lots of gun skill drills and concentrating on field awareness. I play them 3 on 1 and some 2 on 1s to help with closing.

Also check out this blog called Mara Triangle. Its all about rangers and their problems working on the Mara Conservancy game reserve. It is fascinating the things they have to go through in a day.

I will post up results as soon as I hear from the guys.

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