Bad Company Wins Australia Super 7 !!!

In a very emotional tense tournament we won 1st place! We finished the prelims with 14 wins, only losing a single game to the eventual semi pro winners Bitchin. They took a ton of ground on us and kept us trapped in the back line, then came down the snake and closed us out. Losing to them meant we went in to the semis as a 2 seed which meant we matched up against SWAT.

In game one we came out with an aggressive breakout that worked as we all made our primaries. We ended up controlling the field fairly well and closing them out despite the fact that they had 2 in the snake. Game 2 they had a ton of penalties off the break so that was a little easier. That meant we would match up against Hostile Intentions for 1st and second.

Game 1 of the finals they had us by a body until Kevin made a nice run thru the center taking 2 to bring it back to even. AJ didnt realize the carwash was gone so he ghost bunkered it and got hit, but we shot another body in the melee to make it a 3 on 3. Adam traded out with his guy leaving me and Daniel in a 2 on 2. I made move up the wire and shot the guy straight in front of me. The ball sprayed away off the side of his ear armor, but didn't leave a lot of paint. The ref made the elimination signal and ran in there so I wrapped and shot the final guy who had moved into the snake. I guess at that point the ref had decided to call him clean so that guy came out and shot me, and next thing you know we were down the first game. game two we decided to get more aggressive taking the snake and the carwash off the break. Controlling the field the whole time we wore them down and ended the game with 5 alive. Game 3 for all the marbles started poorly with us losing 2 off the break. Down 7 on 5 for a while we played tenaciously as they slowly started to take ground. In a game breaking series Kevin snapped out the tape half moon, then ran through the center bunkering their center rocket then taking another out of the 40 dorito. In that confusion AJ snuck up the now clear dorito side and we closed out the 4 on 4 to take 1st. With cries of "Company!!" echoing through out the field we celebrated our victory. Breaking out the booze we had a couple and waited for the awards ceremony. Thanks to Kingman and Spyder we were able to make it all the way over here and win. Sunday night was filled with some drinks and good times and we tore Sydney up in celebration.

1st place in paintball and in beer chugging as well.

Good Times


James R said...

NIIICEEE!!! CONGRATS BROTHER!!! Sounds like an awesome victory. Give my best to the Aussies!!

Arvin said...

CONGRATULATIONS Broham...that's manil manil!

Anonymous said...

I love that I'm in that last team photo! For the record folks I am not some random chick that decided to jump in the photo but am in fact official cheer squad/bar wench/family representative (and token female).

Was mighty impressed by the paintball action! Congratulations guys! You really deserved it!

Co xx

John said...

GOOD JOB BUDDY! I had a feeling about this one, CONGRATS TO YOU AND THE BAD COMPANY CREW! See you home in a few...