Australia Tournament Day One

The day starts off on a bad note as we find that our garage doesn’t open until 8am. Seeing that isn’t for another 2 hours we decide to pile 7 guys and 4 gear bags into a 4 door Ford Falcon sedan, and drive the 35 minutes to the field. The cold weather and starchy paintballs play havoc with our loaders and our guns, and the games rush up on us quickly. We are playing well wining our games by a combination of good breakouts and smart play. In game 4 a gun penalty for leaving one of our guns “unlocked” after trying to get velocity out of it earlier in the morning, means we will have to play the remaining games with 6 players. It also meant our first perfect score of the tournament was replaced by a 0 and a 95 for the other team. In a crucial next game against SWAT we play very cool as it goes body for body and we end up going down the snake to close out the 3 on 3. This momentum inspires us to play good solid paintball and we finish the day unbeaten. I have more details on these games and I will go back later and fill it in. but right now I’ve got to crash and get some sleep before tomorrow. We have 5 more prelim games but we are sitting decent right now as we get to come back with 7 players.

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Arvin said...

Congrats on the day broham. If you haven't read my emails, we took 1st place in PEV's PTS 3-Man Tourney in the rookie division. We score 482 out of 500 total points. You would have been proud.