Where in the world would you play Paintball??

We have been talking with TC trying to figure out a plan for next year. I thought I would send this out to everyone. If you could play tourney ball in any of the following places where would you go?

On a related note I found my friend Brandon Shorts page. He truly has been living the paintball dream for the past couple of years and he is to be commended for that. Very few people in our sport are lucky enough to have the skill and talent to be flown around the world like a paintball machine. His site is excellent, well written and very sharp looking. The most important part is the memories he now has documented. I admit I was a bit jealous. I wish I had started this blog in 1994, when I played my first NPPL. Not having anything other than the magazines of the time, a couple pictures, and the every more crowded memory banks, makes it tough to keep everything in order.

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